Omśrodek is located in the strict center of Warsaw. The school is fully equipped with props for yoga.
Yoga is for everyone; regardless of age and physical abilities.

Classes at all levels (in schedule):
początkujący: if you are unfamiliar with yoga
ogólna: for students who are familiar with yoga
Łagodna: for those who suffer from fatigue, tension or overwork.
Private tuition: for those who suffer from specific part of the body and want to spend time looking at a particular issue. For those requiring more attention. Available Only by APPOINTMENT. Classes are posible at student's home.
Classes at all levels are taught by highly qualified, certified teachers.

Yoga is an ancient practice, which has stood the test of time to become a most valuable tool to navigate modern life. If you want to create space: space in your joints, your mind, your body and...... your life come and try.

Links (in polish): schedule, fees.

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